Biscotti – Chem Fruit Hash

Exclusive collaboration with IC Collective. Chem Fruit is IC’s citrus take on Chem, they blended Grapefruit Diesel with Chem 91 to create Chem Fruit. While her Chem lineage is almost non-existent in look and smell, the effects run true and tried to Chem Dog. Enjoy and experience the highest standard of solventless, full-spectrum cannabis concentrates with Biscotti Resina, a modern approach to traditional hash. Hash is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates in the world, characterized by its purity, rich flavors, and powerful high. Strain specific with full-spectrum properties that create a well-rounded and centered high. Each product is manufactured in-house using Biscotti’s coveted proprietary solventless, full-spectrum extraction techniques that use only the purest cannabis material without the use of pesticides or non-cannabis additives of any kind.    


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Filigreen (Irrational Racoon, LLC)
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by andreslouis
best stuff in the city keep it coming!
by jlysergic
Every time I order from them, Jonathan is always so helpful & friendly even when I feel like I'm being annoying. The drivers are always amazing too. 5/5 for everything - quality products & quality service!
by dragonthelexi
This dude helped me the entire time while my burnt ass couldnt navigate. 5 golden noodles for this guyyyy

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