Biscotti – Diablo OG Hash

Exclusive collaboration with IC Collective. A cut of fiery OG gifted to IC Collective, Diablo OG is a devilishly delicious OG. With a perriwinkle fade, signature orange hair and rich with resin, Diablo OG is their signature take on OG Kush. With a deep, rich piney flavor and a slight citrus aftertaste, Diablo OG alleviates stress and increases appetites. Enjoy and experience the highest standard of solventless, full-spectrum cannabis concentrates with Biscotti Resina, a modern approach to traditional hash. Hash is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates in the world, characterized by its purity, rich flavors, and powerful high. Strain specific with full-spectrum properties that create a well-rounded and centered high. Each product is manufactured in-house using Biscotti’s coveted proprietary solventless, full-spectrum extraction techniques that use only the purest cannabis material without the use of pesticides or non-cannabis additives of any kind.    


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Filigreen (Irrational Racoon, LLC)
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by Emma23
Reliable in quality, price and convenience. Solid weed and nice people. Been using highwayz for over a year and love the addition of the website. :)
by Ashleykays2019
Always on time and on Jonathan is always happy to answer any questions I have. Always honest with their product. Love going through them. 🤩 totally recommend them.
by Gundamwing2003
Excellent customer service, primo flower and great prices! Thanks for the help Tyler!

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