Efex Dispo – SOCIAL

Be the life of the party. ​ Elevate your mood and get social with our fan-favorite formula. With a moderate level of THC and an ideal terpene blend, our SOCIAL formula has been designed to increase euphoria, decrease anxiety and promote a social, happy mood. DO | Use to help you in social settings and to be the life of the party. ​ DON’T | Use if you are trying to relax or go to sleep as it’s an energizing product. ​ FLAVOR | Pineapple & Guava ​ BLEND | 60% THC – 0% CBD – 40% Terpenes


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JBTB Holdings (Honey Leaf)

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by Emma23
Reliable in quality, price and convenience. Solid weed and nice people. Been using highwayz for over a year and love the addition of the website. :)
by Ashleykays2019
Always on time and on Jonathan is always happy to answer any questions I have. Always honest with their product. Love going through them. 🤩 totally recommend them.
by Gundamwing2003
Excellent customer service, primo flower and great prices! Thanks for the help Tyler!

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